About Us

My first memory of feeling the energy and power of a wave was when I was 7 or 8 years old (late 70's). My Dad who was not a surfer took me on a beach day to Ocean Park Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was with some friends and one of those friends (Guido) brought a Morey Boogie, a swell was running! I was given the chance to go out into the shorebreak , I remember my Dad scolding me for not coming back in to give the Boogie back to Guido. I was so hooked! Fast forward 6 years, I was bodyboarding frequently with my slightly older friends who had a license to drive.

Sometime during my teenage years I saw a clip from the Endless Summer movie that made me realize I wanted to be a longboarder. Late 80's and I was an eighteen year old frantically looking for a longboard. This was a time in Puerto Rico that you were more likely to find $1000 bucks on the side of a busy street than finding a longboard (1989). I found a "mini-longboard", more like a funboard, but what a funboard it was! A 6'8" Ben Aipa Stinger. Five months into lay-away payments, thanks to my Domino's Pizza delivery job, I got that baby out and my longboarding journey began.

During the 90's I became a very committed longboarder and my passion towards progressing in this surfing art form only strengthened. My local and mostly Californian influences had a strong impact in my style. Charlie Miranda, Raul Gonzalez, Luife Guzman, Greg Jaudon (Puerto Rico) a young Joel Tudor, Herbie Fletcher, Izzy Paskowitz, Wingnut and a few other Californians, Bonga Perkins, Lance Hookano, Rusty Keulana and Dino Miranda (Hawaii) were who I aspired to surf like. As the 2000's arrived the Puerto Rican longboard crew grew and the longboarding talent world wide was evolving. This only motivated and made me more passionate about longboarding. Longboarding Magazine was my journal to the who's who in the longboarding world. Studying styles and approaches of longboarders from all over the world (California, Hawaii, Australia, South Africa and more) became an obsession. My longboarding surfing and passion only intensified.

Fast forward to the present (2017), Longboardarian was an idea brewing in my head for a few years. The idea was to create a few platforms where longboarding and its community would be the focus. I had a vision to create and produce material that would stimulate longboard enthusiasts from around the world. And here we are! I hope you enjoy our selection of longboard inspired products and content through out our platforms. Don't forget to check us out on Instagram, Facebook, our podcast  and our YouTube Channel.

See ya in da wata!